We are redoing the fuel lines, connectors, and rerouting to incorporate a fuel scrubber. Seat cushions which are beyond me so having them done so we don’t get numb butt (have had the whole time we sit at the dining room table). We need a hard dodger (cockpit enclosure), special needs (anyone for that matter) need strong handholds, fabric won’t work.. We have no shelter and want something that the kids can grab and me not worry. The anchor roller is pretty much done, last refit was this last week so next will be polishing the massive thing 500-1200 grit sandpaper, mounting with goop and drilling holes in the top plate and bottom plate so we can secure her to the boat through the deck. All 1/4″ stainless, where the 88lb anchor will be is 1/4″ welded to 1/4″ on both sides. I need to rebed some hatches and sew some more creations for the Miami boat show. Any ideas for things people will buy? Trying to raise funds! XOXO
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