I woke up early as usual today, when you work as a team there is a drive to finish. Part of our team has left to go visit and help his parents pack to move. I am so used to getting up early to prepare for the work to be done for the day! I guess I will read a book. Almost all of the deck hardware is installed, our arch/solar/antennae farm is up, today might be a day to take a break or a day to fix cabinets… I cannot imagine organizing cabinets knowing I won’t be needing to pull everything out at any given time. Can our life be returning to some semblance of order? Maybe I’m dreaming.. It is boat show season, so most big companies are at the boat shows as well so things might be slow for our arriving parts. I might be forced to take a break and go scuba diving.. Well darn! We need our lifelines up to invite families aboard… So we are so very close.

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