I haven’t had much time to post or internet that cooporates. We are currently constructing the new front end where the anchor sits (trying to stay away from boat lingo) as what was there needs added metal to make it strong enough to hold a strong anchor. This is being done by us at a shop on the other side of town while being coached by a great welder. We had the parents of two children onboard today to see the boat and we have decided that while without an anchor the kids can still enjoy the boat and we can have a fun picnic onboard, then they will have a sail to look forward to! I am constantly amazed by parents of special needs children! Lovely people, huge hearts, I am so honored to be able to offer them the joy of sailing, and I must say… We would not be where we are without the help of many angels which are listed at the bottom of the page and in the sponsor section. These angels have helped us through many snags and over the speed bumps that felt like Mt Everest, helped us cool inside, make our rigging extreme and safe, light us efficiently, help us with power and parts, wow.. we have used a lot of things to make this 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen and living room be what she is today. Soon I will do a reference page for boat terminology, it is funny, I type this and go back and edit so much that is boat speak out of my posts. Have a wonderful day!

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