Anchors, We carry two anchors a Rocna and a Mantus. Check out the videos on the Mantus anchor site and if a new anchor isn’t in the budget, look at the lights and accessories on the Mantus site, awesome gifts! Galley, Nautical Scout has the best quality collapsing teapot hands down. I have had a cheap replica melt! They have many other items which I am sure over time I will gradually replace pots and have more galley space! Winch, Sailology has a rechargeable electric gadget to power winches. I must say, it’s lovely to see a person who isn’t otherwise able, be able to hoist the sail! It is actually an arm saver when you are going out as well as a more even lift when hoisting someone up the mast! ATNinc can’t have a category, he makes a self climber so you can go up any halyard without the need for someone else to pull you up (it takes practice and is an awesome workout as well)! He makes a spinnaker sock, hatch covers that act like dorades. I would say everything on his site would be a wonderful gift to receive! Hatch covers, I have redone all of our windows on the boat. Cracked hazed, crazed and I NEVER want to do that again so you must keep your plastics out of the sun. Outland hatch covers do this AND decreased the radiated heat by at least 30 degrees. We have 16 windows and I have done 9 Outland hatch covers so far. I now win the heat battle in the Florida summer sun! Power, After melted plugs, being blessed to not have lit on fire, I took my old plugs apart. It is amazing how they are made, wow. I have completely redone our shore power plugs with SmartPlugs. Besides being better technology, we look spiffy when we are hooked to shore power! Non skid, I’m talking closed cell foam yoga mats. I use them for so many things as well as yoga. They are great to fold a few times when you need to work in the bilge and want a soft waterproof surface, good non skid for anywhere and last forever. Got mine from YogaRat which is a great company with awesome customer service. igadget accessories, Padlette.. I have this silicone thing on my tablet allowing me to even hang it from a hatch dog to watch a movie in bed, it stops my gadgets from sliding around and secures them to anywhere you want. Very handy.. Or hands free I should say. Weather, Ronstan sells a weather gadget that plugs into your phone called Vaavud. Lovely gift for sailors and anyone the does any kiteboarding or wind surfing! Ronstan also makes many high end rigging items! Stainless steel, Garhauer.. From clamp on your station cleats to travelers and boom vangs, check these folks out, they are a family owned business that can make anything out of steel! Easy to store food, and drink, Bumbleroot is great for your health, comes in a single serve packet (mix with water) so easy to store, doesn’t weigh much and helps get electrolytes into you which helps with many ailments as well as prevention. Electromix made by Alacer, individual packets that are just electrolytes, again to mix with water but a must for anyone drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water. Galley or wherever you need paper towels, Deep Blue Marine products makes the best paper towel holder I have ever had. It has 4 suction cups and is easy to change to a new roll! They store in minimal space and assembly is fast though I haven’t wanted to take mine down. Then there is Pam Wall, If anyone wants to know anything about sailing, refitting, outfitting or anything boating, look at her website! A great gift to give… A consult with Pam! I am sure I’ll think of more but for now, these are all things I currently use and love!

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