After a month with my mother and 2 weeks out earning some money, I am back! Actually I have been back for a week, getting back into the refit of this vessel and now reacquainted to eastern time zone. I have a long list of things to do to prep her (the boat) for sailing. The fuel system is leak tested and is a work of art, just needs a couple of minor changes and we will have an engine start! All sea strainers (the things that filter the water coming from below the boat) have been rebuilt and are even shiny, so we know that our engine will have good water cooling, many other hoses in the engine room will also be changed as preventative maintenance, an oil change and a look through the heat exchanger will top off the engine list. All of this can be done between sails on the river! We are trying to wrap up the building of the enclosure for the cockpit (for offshore passage) which would be nice to have to cover us and families from the beating sun. We have a rebuilt AC unit for when we are docked having picnics onboard! Yep, it is installed as well! So exciting to be a part of my own dream coming true! I’ll include a picture of me in Los Angeles with my friends (my other mother) at the mosaic tile house in Venice CA. Have a wonderful day! 



Back on the boat, she is looking good!! — 1 Comment